Backyard Lion


featuring voice artist Allen Scofield

When I was telling Maw about
the lion that I saw.
She slowly turned and looked at me
And said, “Go get your Paw.”

And when they both were in the room
I proudly told my tale.
“A lion came right through the yard
As I went to get the mail.

“It growled to me a nice hello
And then expressed the hope
That I would give directions
To the nearest antelope.

“I told him he should try the zoo,
In the field beside the bear.
He said he knew about the zoo
And wasn’t going there.

“So I gave him the directions
To Africa and such.”
Then the lion licked my hand,
Growled, ‘Thank you very much.’

“He quickly took a flying leap,
Right over our back fence
This happened late last Tuesday
And I haven’t seen him since.”

My story seemed to make ’em mad.
The reason? I don’t know.
“Go to your room and don’t come down
Until we tell you so.”

I told my folks the honest truth,
Now I’m up here cryin,’
So I’m glad I didn’t tell ’em,
‘Bout that hippo with the lion.

Grandpa Tucker’s Rhymes and Tales contains a delightful selection of whimsical and imaginative poems and stories that are enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Reprinted with permission of the author

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