Welcome to our poetry pages. Here you will find an interesting collection of poems to read. Some were our childhood favorites. Many have audio readings and include interesting notes about the poets with links to the various sources they have been culled from.

This site has been online since 2001 and gone through many evolutions. This latest is an effort to merge the blog and site and allow people to be able to comment right on the poem pages.

A word about our comment policy: Don’t spam and don’t leave inflammatory or disrespectful comments. Such remarks will be promptly deleted. We are fine with constructive criticism, but seriously, there is no reason to say things like this or that actor has a much better reading. We believe that everyone should enjoy and read poetry out loud, and not be intimidated because they can’t read it as well as a professional.

Amazon Spoken Word mp3s is the place to look if you want a professional reading.

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