I Had No Time to Hate

by EMILY DICKINSON (1830-1886)

I HAD no time to hate, because
The grave would hinder me,
And life was not so ample I
Could finish enmity.

Nor had I time to love; but since
Some industry must be,
The little toil of love, I thought,
Was large enough for me.

Emily Dickinson

Studying the lives of the American poets born between 1800 and 1840 is particularly interesting when you think that the single most historic event that occurred during their lives was the American Civil War. Charles Edward Carryl, for example, was 19 years old when the shots rang out at Fort Sumter. James Russell Lowell was 42 and Walt Whitman was only a month away from that same age. Emily Dickinson was 30 years old. She is not someone that we usually even think of in connection with war but the Civil War did affect her. Learn more about Emily and the Civil War.

Emily Dickinson Contemporaries
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Lewis Carroll
Ethel Lynn Beers
W.S. Gilbert

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