Poetic Last Lines on Jeopardy!

Here is a whole category devoted to poetic last lines that aired on the game Jeopardy! on New Year’s Eve (2014). A pretty simple selection:

Vaughn answered all clues correctly. Samir did give the $800 clue a try but got tripped up by the tricky title. Frost really should have named that one “Miles to Go”. Here are the clues with a link to the poem in question in case you want to read the whole poem.

$400 – “Noble six hundred!” ends this poem.

$800 – This poem’s title has 7 words like its last line “And miles to go before I sleep”.

$1200 – A poem by him ends “And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils.”

$1600 – “In her sepulchre there by the sea, in her tomb by the sounding sea” ends this poem.

$2000 – His poem about a “Dream Deferred” ends, “Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode?”

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