Nancy Hanks

by HARRIET MONROE (1860-1936)

PRAIRIE child,
Brief as dew,
What winds of wonder
Nourished you?

Rolling plains
Of billowy green,
Far horizons,
Blue, serene;

Lofty skies
The slow clouds climb,
Where burning stars
Beat out the time.

These, and the dreams
Of fathers bold,
Baffled longings,
Hopes untold,

Gave to you
A heart of fire,
Love like deep waters,
Brave desire.

Ah, when youth’s rapture
Went out in pain,
And all seemed over,
Was all in vain?

O soul obscure,
Whose wings life bound,
And soft death folded
Under the ground;

Wilding lady,
Still and true.
Who gave us Lincoln
And never knew;

To you at last
Our praise, our tears,
Love and a song
Through the nation’s years!

Mother of Lincoln,
Our tears, our praise;
A battle-flag
And the victor’s bays!

Harriet Monroe Contemporaries
Sam Walter Foss
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Rudyard Kipling
A.E. Housman

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